Comparing and Contrasting for Connecting Features

Are you looking for new ways to compare and contrast in your classroom? My Compare and Contrast Graphic Organizer Set includes five different ways to promote a deeper level of thinking.

This set is perfect for literacy centers, novel studies, basil stories, picture books, chapter books, etc. The organizers included are comparing/contrasting characters, character to self, book vs. movie, settings, and text features. Dig deeper with your students by finding similarities and differences with different facets within a text.

I had originally made this to use with my Matilda Novel Study (coming soon!), but then expanded it to fit the needs of my future lessons. For example, I created centers for my students to work on while reading Matilda. I had them compare Matilda to a character of their choice. After we finished the book, we watched the movie and used the Book vs. Movie graphic organizer.

I gave my students different topics to compare in the middle, such as characters or theme, or you could let them choose.

To see the full preview or to purchase this graphic organizer set click the link here.

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