The Grammar Bundle that Keeps on Growing

As a TpT author, my passion is making grammar products. I wanted to put together all of my bundles into one large growing bundle {Growing Grammar Bundle} so that teachers can have a multi-usable resource available for their classroom. I love these bundles specifically because they contain everything you need for a week's worth of activities on that grammar subject. Each bundle contains a PowerPoint, Sort, Task Cards, Handouts, and a Quiz. I use all of these items in my own classroom every week!

Pictured: Kinds of Sentences Sort

Here's a look at my weekly classroom schedule...

Monday: I introduce the grammar skill for the week with the PowerPoint. Each PPT gives a definition along with examples for the weekly skill. After all of the terms and samples are shown, there are ten interactive questions available. This is usually my students' favorite part! They are always excited to participate in this part! Every Monday always ends with *sigh* "Are there any more questions?!" Usually, ten are about all we have time for before we move on to centers where they will get more practice.

Tuesday - Thursday: As I mentioned before, I keep use some of the other items in weekly centers for them to practice on throughout the week. I usually put the Sort and Task Cards in two of my ELA weekly centers.

Wednesday: Wednesday night, I have students take home the handout to bring back on Thursday's. Then, I can check them and see who needs to be pulled into a small group to be retaught or given extra practice.

Friday: Quiz day! Each student takes a quiz on this skill for a grade.

The materials included for each skill is perfect variety for my students' needs. You can always buy each bundle separately by skill, but you save over 55% when you buy the Growing Grammar Bundle!

With a new school year coming up, I will be making more grammar bundles. As I add more to it, the price will begin to increase. Make sure you buy it now to save more!

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