Underlining Evidence In the Text

Citing evidence is such an important skill when it comes to standardized testing! As much as our students need practice on this skill, it's also important that we demonstrate different ways of implementing/applying this skill. 

One way that I like to zone in on improving citing evidence is by color coding and underlining words from the text. You can use any type of text that you feel is fitting for your students. You will need it to be in a printable version or a digital text where your students can use highlight the text digitally. 

For my students, I chose to use a printable text and colored pencils for color coding/underlining.

First, I decided which questions I wanted to ask my students. It is important that you select or use questions that will best benefit your students for this practice. For example, not all of the questions that I asked had a simple answer found in the text. Therefore, I created lines on the template for my students to restate the question along with their answer. Then, they will underline supporting evidence in the text that prove that their answer is correct. 

I love that this activity is LESS writing with MORE practice on this skill. You can get through more problems and work on mastering citing evidence rather than spending most of your time waiting for students to write down their answers.

If you want to use this in your classroom, you can grab my FREE template in my TpT store right here!

Thanks for reading and good luck with all of your test prepping this season! :)

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