Nonfiction Reading Companion

Do you need a perfect pairing to your nonfiction texts? This booklet is an excellent companion for any nonfiction article! It can be used in many different ways and with many different kinds of texts. For example, your students can use them with their Scholastic News Magazines, Sports Illustrated for Kids, National Geographic Kids Edition, nonfiction basil stories, nonfiction books, newspaper articles, or any other nonfiction magazine. 

All of the sections in the Nonfiction Reading Companion include:
A KWL Chart
Main Idea
Facts and Opinions
Compare and Contrast
Asking Questions

This booklet is perfect to use in weekly centers as well. I currently have a Magazine with Friends center in my classroom where my students use this booklet to prove that they have read and understood each article. At the end of the week, they get credit for the sections they have completed. You can break it up into halves if you prefer, where your students will complete half of the Companion in one week and the other half in the following week. Then, they are practicing all of those reading skills within a two week span.

Some of the pages in the Companion are paired together, for instance, the Asking Questions & Answer Time pages. Students will use one article for these two pages to create questions and answer a friend's questions. This gives your students an opportunity to work together and challenge each other.

Grab my Nonfiction Reading Companion here! For more graphic organizers, click here!

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