Timeline {FREEBIE} Update!

My Timeline graphic organizer is my most downloaded freebie! I wanted to give it an extra update today... With that being said, I have given this resource a  makeover and added a Top 5 Uses {for this product} page! Timelines are a must have in any classroom, but how are they being used? Do you use them to complete the same task every time, or have you gotten creative with them? I'm going to share how I have used them in my own classroom AND a few new ideas that I thought of over summer break.

See the breakdown below for examples of each use.

#1 Sequence: The main use of a timeline, of course. Timelines are wonderful for using as a sequencing tool for many different learning levels.

#2 Tracking Characters: Track an individual character to show growth/changes throughout the story. Then, compare and contrast the character from the beginning to the end of the story.

#3 Finding Evidence: Have your students answer separate questions of your choice using these six boxes to respond. They can draw a picture in response to the question with evidence straight from the text to support their answer.

#4 Prewriting: Use this simple timeline as a prewriting tool for narratives. Your students can picture the sequence of the main events in their story before they even write.

#5 Novel Study: When it comes to longer books, things seem to blend together. Have your students keep a timeline of the entire book, chapter by chapter.

Download this multi-use FREEBIE right HERE! To view my collection of graphic organizers click here!

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