Fiction Reading Companion

If you loved my Nonfiction Reading Companion, you are going to love my fictional version of this product! Lately, we have been working on a lot of nonfiction text to prepare for standardized testing. Now that testing is over, *shouts of excitement* we can take a step back and enjoy a different range of literature.
Today, I paired some of our classroom Cricket magazines with our Fiction Booklet. I am always looking for a way to incorporate these magazines in my classroom and this activity is perfect! Not only can you use these magazines, but you can also pair them with your basil reader, picture books, fictional short stories, etc. 

This fifteen page student booklet includes individual graphic organizers and partner pages. You can use one book for multiple pages or a different book for each page. These booklets also work perfectly for weekly reading centers as well. You can assign students to complete so many pages per week with their reading story or with a different text.

To purchase this product follow the link here.

For more information on my Nonfiction Reading Companion click here.
To purchase my Nonfiction Reading Companion click here.

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