Four in a Row: Providing Differentiation

Are you looking for an easy differentiating tool for your students? I use this Four in a Row reading menu in my classroom to promote reading comprehension while giving my students a choice to promote their strengths.

I have used this activity in many ways, here are a few ideas...

*Completing the menu as an assignment encouraging accountability for understanding what they have read
*Using in a weekly reading center in addition to your other curriculum
*Using in a weekly center with a nonfiction subscription (We love using Cricket Magazines!)
*As a partner activity to strengthen peer relationships
*Individually in class to see what your students have understood about the text

Not only are there many different uses, but the Melonheadz version is completely editable if you are looking for an easy to use template. You can change it to your students' needs as you see fitting. Mine is constantly changing throughout the year to supplement the skills that my students need the most at the given time.  
*Each template contains the same content, the templates vary according to clipart being used.

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