Promote Accountability During Your Writing Time!

Part of writing is having accountability for your own work. After I've written anything, I always feel so accomplished! I want to pass that on to my students. I have created these fifteen writing stations {Writing Editing Stations} to hold my students accountable for completing their very best writing. Not only does this touch up on some important skills that get over looked, but it also gets your students developing good writing habits. We are building better writers!
Each station has a task or tasks for their friend to complete. I have put the writing utensils needed on each poster to make stations easier to setup for the teacher, yet simple to follow for the students. For example, in the picture below, your students will need a green marker as shown on the poster. You can laminate and hang these posters up for the entire year, or you can set them out in each station as they are being used like I've done in the photo.
These stations are an excellent tool in preparing your students for standardized testing all year long. They provide routine and promote good writing habits that need to be practiced on a regular basis. Teaching your students to edit their writing will help their first drafts tremendously as they will try to eliminate or avoid having to correct these areas after editing.
If you like this product and are looking to improve your students' paragraphs, check out my Editing Boring Paragraphs Task Cards here!
This activity was a hit in my classroom! The best part was, I was able to reference this activity for the entire school year. It was the perfect reminder or model of how they should be writing detailed paragraphs! For more information, read my blog post here!

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