A Resource at Your Fingertips!

If you're looking for a quick, accessible, all-encompassing resource that can be used throughout the entire school year... you've found it! This is the first of many to come, the Grammar Resource Ring {Fourth Grade Edition}! Did I mention, it contains a card for EVERY grammar standard?! :)
I am switching grades after spending my first two years of teaching in fifth grade! A few weeks ago, I moved to Las Vegas to be closer to the love of my life. With that being said, I got a job teaching fourth grade! I am a HUGE grammar junkie when it comes to TpT products, so I started my journey in that department. I wanted a resource that I could use all year long to provide as a reference to my students. I wanted to provide examples on each card. I also wanted to incorporate sample questions to give my students extra practice or even a look at more examples.
On the front of every card (teal side), you'll find the teaching or modeling samples. This side gives a brief (to the point) reminder and definition for how this standard is used. The back side (black and white) contains five questions (similar to a set of task cards) to give your students extra practice for each skill. Included, you're students will have an answering page to record their responses. A key can be found on the last page of this product as well as a duplicate of each card with the correct answers marked in red.
This set can be used in many different ways in your classroom. You can store it in your room and pull it out every week to introduce each skill. You can leave it as an extra resource for struggling students to look back at. You can use the set of task cards included for standardized testing review. You can even use this for small group instruction or reteaching on of the standards.
Some of my students tend to struggle with the parts of speech that accompany these skills as well. To help in this area, the last few resource cards provide reteaching for those parts of speech. Practice questions are also included for these parts of speech.
As I create more, I plan to expand this product into different subject areas. Be on the look out! For more of my grammar products, check out my store here!

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