Tricky Homophones: Their, There, & They're

Homophones can be so tricky! Why not make them fun? If you have ever read or shared the picture book, They're There on Their Vacation by Brian P. Cleary, this activity pairs hand in hand with it!

First, introduce the story and we talk about WHY we are reading it. It is also important that they share their understanding of what each homophone means and how it is to be used in a sentence. The back of the book even comes with definitions! Our main goal is to establish the purpose of sharing this book while explaining their future task, mastering this set of homophones! Next, I read aloud the story to my students, stopping at important parts to clarify or discuss the meanings of the different homophones when they become tricky. Finally, we move on to the main event, multiple choice homophone task cards

These color coordinate with the picture book and have the same vacation theme! With these task cards, you can spread them around the room and use them traditionally or you can play scoot with them. They each take about the same amount of time to complete, making it convenient to use in different ways.

This set is made of 24 multiple choice task cards. It includes an answering page and answer key to use as a grading tool or for a checking station. To find this product in my TpT store, click here! For more activities like this, check out my Pinterest page!

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