Dollar Spelling Test Template!

As I was going through last week's spelling tests, I noticed that I had just enough googly-eyed robot stickers (Target of course!) leftover from Valentine's Day! After, rediscovering these stickers, I thought now would be the perfect time to share my Editable Spelling List Template

Just print, cut in half, and use for your spelling tests! The best part, is that they are editable! No matter how many words your tests contain, you can adjust them as needed. It's a great, time-saving, dollar deal! 

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Melonheadz Edition Editable Spelling Menu- Completely editable, while providing differentiation for your students!

Editable Score Sheet {Freebie}- I attach these slips of paper to my spelling menus for easy scoring. Parents and students can easily see scores posted at the top of their spelling menus. They are editable so you can choose how many points you want your menu to be worth. This also makes it versatile for you to use with other products!

Spelling & Vocabulary List {Freebie}- Just plug in your spelling and vocabulary words for the week and send them home with your students! You an add this to your classroom newsletter or upload it digitally as a PDF to your choice of platform.

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