Top Wishlisted Items {My Most Wanted Products!}

Leaving accurate and meaningful feedback is something I ALWAYS advocated! There's nothing more rewarding than reading a comment from a teacher that has used AND loved your product. Not to mention, the benefit and enjoyment their students are receiving from a TpT creators hard work. When creating, I am always thinking of how I can make engaging products that my own students will love and learn from. 

I have set aside my TOP 3 Wishlisted Items {with customer comments} for you to see my most wanted products!

{Number 1} Singular and Plural Nouns PowerPoint--- In ALL of my PPT's I define the skills being taught. provide examples, and include ten interactive (transitioning) problems for your students to solve. This activity is perfect for introducing singular and plural nouns. I always leave the text boxes editable, because I know as a teacher, I always want to add, edit, or insert notes to best benefit my class. You can grab this resource here!


{Number 2} Four in a Row Reading Comprehension--- I LOVE that this is so versatile! You can use this for a quick assessment, reading center, homework, partners, groups, or even whole class. They are perfect questions to get your students responding to different types of text. Just like my customer quote says, it is perfect for holding your students accountable while providing differentiation. Your students get to CHOOSE which row they complete, but with structure included! Click here to get this NO PREP, just print, product!

If you like this product, checkout my Melonheadz Edition Editable Four in a Row! It's the EXACT SAME product, but Melonheadz themed! :)

{Number 3} Editing Boring Paragraphs--- This has been my FAVORITE writing activity that I have used with my students this year! This is an area that can ALWAYS use practice. What better way than providing examples of BORING paragraphs that need to be fixed?! I was blown away at some of the paragraphs my students came up with compared to what they had been writing! This shows me that they are capable of editing their future paragraphs to make them BETTER. I am constantly reminding my students, think about the BORING paragraphs we fixed/edited, now, FIX/EDIT yours! I love seeing them rereading their paragraphs, erasing, adding in details and adjectives, correcting their grammar, and using MEANINGFUL CONTENT. This simple activity has been a lifesaver that worked for my students! Grab these task cards right here! :)

Grab these Top Wishlisted Items during the TpT SALE for a great price while you can! :)

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