Currently December

How is it already December?! I'm excited to share this month's Currently Linky from Farley {Oh' Boy 4th Grade} with you! 

{LISTENING}---- Finally, I have found some peace and quiet today! I beat my entire family home and currently have the house to myself...perfect for making a blogpost! ;)

{LOVING}---- I have been on a kick for buying earrings lately. The sparklier, the better! I'm just crossing my fingers that I don't lose any of them!

{THINKING}---- Eleven more days until my birthday!!! This year my birthday falls on a Monday, so I've decided to take a personal day with my mom to go shopping. Maybe I'll get a new pair of earrings! ;)

{WANTING}---- My parent's got me a Michael Kors purse for Christmas. I've never had one before, but am in LOVE with it! It's currently sitting in our kitchen where I have to look at it EVERYDAY until they wrap it...which will more than likely be Christmas morning. HA!

{NEEDING}---- I'm so ready for Christmas vacation to get here! I'm looking forward to relaxing and fitting in some extra TpT time. :)

{REAL OR FAUX}---- My family has ALWAYS had a faux tree. I think that's why I will always have a real one in my own house. 

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy these Currently Linky Parties as much as I do! :)


  1. Happy early birthday! I thought the eleven days was going to be for the eleven school days left until break... that's what I'm counting down to!

    Years That Ask Questions

  2. Happy early birthday! I would LOVE some new earrings! Mine seem to just disappear every day lol.