Grammar PowerPoints to Intrigue Your Students

Practice makes perfect when it comes to baseball.... and even grammar! Having routines in any classroom is very crucial. Foundations are built and set in motion at the beginning of each school year, so it just makes sense to have a routine when it comes to teaching grammar. 

Each week, I start this routine off with an interactive PowerPoint. For example, my Relative Pronouns & Adverbs PowerPoint. This weekly process {pictured below} starts by breaking down this skill with a definition, followed by examples, and finally the practice problems.

Each PowerPoint comes with ten clickable questions with answers. The questions are always the highlight of each Monday! By the time we get to the last question, they are ready to keep answering more. This is where the rest of the grammar centers and activities come in. 

To see my entire grammar week broken down, read my blog post here! To find all of my interactive PowerPoints like this one, click here. Last but not least, if you want to save the most on these products, check out my bundles here!

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