Comparing Main Ideas: Deeper Thinking

Our second round of testing is right around the corner! Yesterday, we read Double Dutch from our Journey's book and focused on sequence. Today, I chose to compliment our story with an article about a double dutch team that I found online. Our goal for today was to find the main idea of both texts and then compare them. The wonderful thing about this activity is that you can use it with any two types of text. For this example, I chose a nonfiction story and an article. This template is super easy to use, all you have to do is determine which pieces of text you want to use with it. With that being said, this is one of the most crucial parts. Finding stories or articles that best fit your students is what will benefit them the most. 
When we read Double Dutch yesterday, we worked on a sequence activity. {Read about my sequence activity here!} Today, we reviewed a little but added the handout below. First, we worked together to fill out the left-hand side of the paper. We used this as a model for later. Next, I paired up my students having them read over their article together. Finally, they completed the right-hand side independently and turned it in for a quick assessment. In the end, we talked about how both main ideas relate and come together. 

I love that this activity allows my students to develop main ideas and compare them as well. This reinforces and deepens their learning on such a tough skill! Grab this freebie right here! :)

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