The Grand Tour of My Classroom!

Let's start with the front of my room!
I teach at a school that is fortunate to have proboards. While technology may be trying at times... I must say I LOVE using my Apple TV Airplay! It is so convenient in many ways. I use Airplay to show my students a variety of things, from how to navigate online to a powerpoint that I'm using in a lesson. 
To the left is one of my new additions to the classroom! This cart is perfect for all of my morning work and small group needs. It's easy to use and store materials.

Now that we have been in school for a week, I have been able to use both of my new bulletin boards! :) Both of these boards have been helpful teaching tools. I love being able to display our reading skill and learning goals for the week. It definitely helps my students and I stay on task.
This is my personal section of the room. The spot where I display family photos, some of my personal items and past gifts from students. My students enjoy checking out little tid bits about their teacher!
Below is my Twitter wall to keep track of AR points. I try to use up all of my wall space in the best way possible. If there is a spot on my wall, it most likely has a purpose!
My book shelf is something that could definitely use more love. I am currently working on reorganizing my books from where they were sorted by AR dots. I am switching over to genre sorting. It is already ten times easier for students to find books they REALLY want to read and will enjoy. It is even easier for the teacher to make a book recommendation!

To the right is my birthday wall. Every year I put a group picture of the students on the wall according to their birthday month. The kids enjoy this wall and we enjoy celebrating their birthday's!

To the left is a new addition. I found this anchor chart on Pinterest when I searched for theme anchor charts. This is perfect for practicing theme on a regular basis. It's very simple to make for your own classroom as well. All of the theme categories go on the left and book titles go on the right. We are going to start this chart and keep working on it until it's completely filled!

....Last but not least... the view from the back of my room! This year I snagged a horseshoe table that was being unused in my school. We have only had one week of school and I'm already regretting not having it last year! It's wonderful for pulling small groups. My students love to spread out and work here when they are tired of being at their desks.

Thanks for checking out my room! This is always the kind of post I enjoy reading from other blogs. I'm always soooooo curious as to what other teachers have in their classrooms! I hope you enjoyed! :)

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