Sticky Note Editors

What teacher doesn't have a stack of these hanging out in their desk drawer?!

My students tend to say "Yes, Miss Murphy, I reread my paper and checked for mistakes." However, I really know this just means they are trying to make me happy by saying they checked their work. Not only do I want them checking for any errors, but I want them to check their writing as a whole. Does it fit the topic? Did I use persuasive words? Did I use fitting evidence from the text? Have I been descriptive enough with my characters or scenery? Do I have a solid story structure? How could I make this better? What do I LOVE about my writing?... These are the questions that I want my students asking themselves. 

I had my students partner up (I strategically gave them partners to balance out my students) to read each others essays. When they were finished, they each had a sticky note to write a piece of advice and a compliment for their partner's writing assignment.  This was perfect for my students! They were more engaged and interested in what they were publishing and reading from their classmates. It's a quick way of implementing student interactions and a positive classroom environment. Yes, they need improvement, but they also get to see that they are successful writers by the compliments they receive. It doesn't get any easier than pulling sticky notes out of your drawer! :)
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