Top 5 Ways To Use HUE In Your Classroom

I LOVE using a document camera in my classroom for many reasons! It's one of those things you didn't know you needed until you actually got one. Let me tell you, there is no going back now! A HUE HD document camera is the perfect alternative to an expensive model. It's affordable and practical to use in your classroom. I hook mine up to my Macbook Air and connect it through my Apple TV. However, you can hook it up anyway you like. This is just what I prefer.

Here are the top five ways that I use this tool in my classroom on a daily basis...

#1 Modeling/Demonstrating

Showing students models or demonstrations is extremely important. It sets the standard and expectation for your students to go by. It also provides a visual at the same time. For example, if we are filling out an interactive notebook page, I always make my own with the students. They are able to see my model and we work on completing ours together. This allows my students to see how organized and informative mine is and how theirs is expected to look as well. 

*Disclaimer* Of course I don't expect theirs to be perfect and neat, but the important part is that they are accurate with the information they are recording. This is a tool that we constantly use to go back and refresh our knowledge on for each skill! I am one of those people who likes everything to be neat and in order and this is just one of those things where I have to hold my breath!

I love having these notebooks handy in the classroom, but things happen and pages tear out through the school year.... Soooooo I ALWAYS have my students take a picture of each page on their iPad to save it for later! If you really want to get fancy, you have download the app Scannable to their iPads to create a more crisp/clear photo. I use this app in my personal life for other documents as well. I keep it on my phone because it's so handy!

#2 Text Features/Infographics

We have really been crushing test prep lately, this leads up to studying text features. One of my favorite being infographics. My HUE has made it ten times easier to share these visuals with my students. I love that the camera is crisp and clear providing the best view for my class. Text features cannot be stressed enough. They are so easy to skim over and ignore, but they contain important information. We have practiced understanding and utilizing many different types of text features. Now, my students are confident and take their time when it comes to these tricky visuals.

#3 Manipulatives

When it comes to math, manipulatives provide an excellent tool for learning! If it's tangrams or cubes, you can quickly toss them under the camera for all of your students to see and model. This is so much quicker than sitting in circle and walking around showing your model to each student. That's what makes a document camera so wonderful! It's convenient!

#4 Student Samples

There are so many times that I think, "I wish I could them exactly what I want to see, or even what I DON'T want to see!" I always keep certain student examples of what I claim is of "fifth grade quality." I also like to keep examples of what is not acceptable of my students. This gives them direction and shows what I am expecting. This eliminates all of the lazy work that could have been turned in. It also shows students that they are capable of creating something similar. For example, when it comes to writing, I would show an essay that contains certain criteria. It would be five paragraphs, have an engaging introduction, and a conclusion that leaves a lasting impression on the reader. I would ask the students why they think this is a fifth grade quality essay. We would break down the important characteristics and use that as a rubric for our writing assignment.

#5 Checking Station

It is so easy to throw an answer key under the camera. We use exit tickets everyday for math, thanks to The Primary Gal! Click the link here to see how she uses exit tickets in her own classroom! After my students complete their ticket, we go over it in class working one out together under the document camera. This makes checking a breeze! 

I also use it to put up answer keys for centers. I have a checking station {again thanks to The Primary Gal} set up in my classroom to make my students accountable for their work. To find out more about checking stations click here

To grab the Helping Verbs Sort from the picture above click here!

All five of these examples help me keep my sanity in my classroom everyday!  

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